Drummer Joey Kramer Returns To Aerosmith At Las Vegas Show

Drummer Joey Kramer rejoined Aerosmith and appeared with the band at the latest installment of their Las Vegas residency.

It appeared to mark the end of a disagreement that had led to a lawsuit between the drummer and his bandmates, after they reportedly refused to let him perform with them, alleging he wasn’t up to the job. The show at the MGM Park Theater began as usual with a short film that sums up the band’s career. The members then assembled at the back of the stage before the curtain rose, and then Kramer was the first to take his position. Singer Steven Tyler announced, “On the drums, Mr. Joey Kramer” to cheers from the audience.

Aerosmith’s Las Vegas residency runs until June 4, after which they have a number of live appearances scheduled until Sept. 18. 

You can watch the video of Kramer performing with Aerosmith at the link here.

Watch Joey Kramer rejoin his Aerosmith bandmates in Las Vegas

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