5 Pittsburg Firefighters Positive For Covid-19.

City leaders in Pittsburg, Kansas say some of the city’s firefighters have tested positive for Covid-19.
Five of forty of the departments firefighters have tested positive. City officials say the city responded quickly to isolate the cases.

Pittsburg city manager Darren Hall said “The city responded quickly to isolate the cases and when it comes to fire, police and utility workers where we have people that work together in a group it makes sense to get everybody tested right away to see what were dealing with”.

Firefighters who have symptoms will continue to be tested.

City Firefighters are not required to wear masks in the fire station while on duty but they do have to wear them if they go out into the public.


Roselle Ladder 511“Roselle Ladder 511” by H. Michael Miley is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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